About alan

Alan brings a creative background to his photographic work. He studied art at UC Santa Barbara and received his degree in Cinema from the University of Southern California. Photography was a ‘love at first sight’ experience when he looked through the lens of a girlfriend’s camera and was transported into a
rectangular universe framed by the viewfinder. He knew at that moment this love would last.

Photography remains a constant in his life. The camera is his passport to new experiences and the ticket to meeting many interesting people along his journey. Photography became a mantra and a life revelation: do best what you enjoy the most! His commercial career led to a life on two coasts, and frequent trips to France. He became the principal of a marketing design firm and specialized in fashion, people, and travel photography. His experience in documentary film enhanced his interest in capturing the rich and varied realities of the lives of people and the world in which they live. This curiosity infuses his personal work and vision, imparting to viewers a sense of not only the differences between many cultures and people but the universal humanity which unites us all. He is currently working on books and exhibits from his collection of personal images while residing in Marin County, California and on the island of Kauai.